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I'm hoping to get a review of "Remade" in an upcoming edition of the San Diego Troubadour.  In the meantime, check out their review for my album before "Handmade"- click here

Starting October 22, I'll be playing at Piazza Carmel every Tuesday from 5-7pm!  I'll have special guests coming on different days.  I'll try to post when I get some new and interesting confirmations!

The performance area is in an open court with restaurant patios surrounding it, so it's a good place to grab a bite or drink and just enjoy the tunes!

Our September 28th show on Saturday has been cancelled.  Bella Vista Caffe and Social Caffe stopped having live music on Saturdays.  We can positively say that it wasn't because of us because we never played there on a Saturday!  :)

We are now playing on Thursday October 10.  Details are to the left under the calendar.  

Today I'm enjoying the sounds of the band called Khruangbin.  I like the guy's intricate guitar playing over the nice bass grooves and breakbeats.  

Excerpts of this post were previously posted last year, but I wanted to bring it back for people to read if they're interested in the origins of the artwork that I used for Remade.

Some of these drawings were made as rewards for fans that donated to my Kickstarter campaign for the original album "Handmade".  Here are the donors that inspired the artwork on here and what they asked me to draw:

Pon Khampunbuan- a self-portrait in green.  So that has become the back of the album

Cheryl Cayabyab- her prompt for me was- something from the past, present and future of myself.  That is the drawing of my Yamaha steel string acoustic guitar on the inside.  In the original, there's also a poster on the wall about an upcoming show.  My dad gave me this guitar as a youth.  I still use it to this day.

Trevor Bruford- he left it completely up to me what I wanted to make.  I call this one "The Sample".  Here, someone is cutting up music from a long time ago to construct it into something new.  I thought this was the perfect fit for this album.  This is also on the inside cover.

The other components:

Joseph Naval- I asked him to make a graphic representation of the crane drawing that I did for the cover of "Handmade".  I wanted to use that graphic for a t-shirt that was an additional reward for the Kickstarter campaign for "Handmade".  So the left side of the cover for "Remade" is Joe's design.  I have my original drawing blending into his graphic rendering.  It's meant to symbolize the remix or renewal of the older.   

Misawa Masanori (Like This Parade)- Originally, I had asked for Misawa's opinion on what the artwork should be like.  He suggested a drawing of a Wurlitzer electric piano to symbolize his contribution and my acoustic guitar to represent mine.  So I drew the Wurlitzer that is in the inside of the package.  I just couldn't make the Wurlitzer and guitar work for the cover.  

I had been on the hunt for a 2x12" guitar speaker cabinet for years.  I'm surprised how there aren't more 2x12's out there.  For those of you not hip to the guitar amplifier world, the 4x12" guitar speaker cabinet is the popular format.  That means there are 4- 12 inch speakers arranged in wooden speaker cabinet.  It looks cool, but it's big and heavy.  I had one of these for years, but I just found that I didn't need the 4 speakers.  I sold it hoping to find a used vintage speaker cabinet that would be a good match for my Marshall JCM 900 guitar amplifier head unit.  It was at least a 10 year search.

Finally I found this awesome Vox 2x12" speaker cabinet at a store in San Jose, CA called Starving Musician.  That place is my favorite music store now.  I had been playing my guitar through my cousin Darrel's Fender Twin amplifier for the last several years (thanks Darrel!) but for my at least my next few gigs, I'll be playing with my old Marshall amp and my new Vox speaker cabinet!  Please come out soon to hear and see it.

Hey all! Go support my buddy Dan Matthews and Pacific Arts Movement this coming up Thursday. The Pacific Arts Movement gave me a coupon code for the Crunchy People to use- TERRY for $5 off.  

They are trying to bring back some iteration of Blowfish.  Blowfish was an annual party for the San Diego Asian Film Festival that I was one of the original organizers of.  

Year of the Ox is a pretty tight hip hop duo.  I'll see you there.

Because of the Farmers Open Golf Tournament happening at Torrey Pines, the time of the Ingredients show on Jan 25th has been changed to 4-6pm.  

Bella Vista wants us to try and captivate some of the patrons of the tournament to come stay and hang at the venue.  

If you're planning to go to the San Diego Ramen Festival at the Broadway Pier, my set time has been decided:  9pm!  Be there.


Our date at Bella Vista Caffe has changed from November 30th to November 9th!  So come Nov 9th to enjoy the Ingredients playing at Bella Vista.  

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