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Terry Matsuoka

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 The Ingredients are a three piece rock and soul band.  I sing vocals and play guitar.  Rodney Jones plays drums and Chad Tuthill is on the bass.  We've actually been together for a long time now, but we had always played under different names.  One show we'd be "Terry Matsuoka and the Frogs" and the next it might be "Terry Matsuoka and the Lazy Lovers".  It was a long standing joke that only we seemed to know was a joke.  

The Ingredients experience was a bit different than the Terry Matsuoka acoustic experience... so I thought we should have a real name and be a real band.  So, please come come out and hear/see us live sometime!

photos by Catherine Nguyen

Terry has been confirmed to be playing on the Main Stage from 6:30pm- 7pm.  He will then go up to the VIP Floor to perform from 8:30pm-9pm.  

A majority of my summer residencies are now finished (one last show October 26th at Piazza Carmel this Thursday!  Please come), but Pesto has invited me back for a number of Sundays coming up in the next few months.  These shows will still be from 3-5pm on Sundays:  October 29, November 12 and December 3 and 10.  

Also, please check out all of the new pictures we've posted on this website.  Go to the 'music' link above, then click on 'pictures'.  

This one is by photographer Devin Casteneda.

My residency at the Firefly was supposed to go on until the end of October.  But because of budget constraints, they have ended their summer live music program.  Thus, I will not be playing at the Dana for the rest of the year.

I had a great time playing there for all the great people hanging out at the Dana.  I really feel like I developed as an artist during this residency.  The lack of pressure of having to draw people and forcing me to be instrumental for a period, really let me experiment with my guitar and looping.  I feel like I have another really strong component to pull out for my live shows.  

Thank you good people of the Dana!

I'll be playing every Thursday from September 7- October 26 from 5-8pm at Piazza Carmel!  I'll have some special guest join me on different days... so keep updated right here or on my Facebook page.  They have good food with patios if you'd like to hang and have dinner- Gami Sushi, Villa Capri (Italian), Royal India and Marketplace Grill (Mediterranean).  I hope to see you there!


I'll be playing before some family movies outdoors at Piazza Carmel- a shopping plaza in Carmel Valley off of Interstate 56.  

I plan on staying to watch Moana and Sing!

I play from 6-8pm.  The movies start after.

I will begin a weekly residency at Pesto beginning July 30.  Their food is great and they have a fantastic selection of beers and wine.  Please join us.  

So i'll be playing San Diego's own late night talk show- Tonight In San Diego July 17!  It should be a lot of fun.  I'll be playing with my friend DJ Teelynn and the Tonight In San Diego house band.  I've known DJ Teelynn for a loooong time.  For those of you that remember my long-time collaborator JNav... DJ Teelynn is his sister-in-law.  In fact, I've jammed with JNav's brother Chris and DJ Teelynn long ago with their band The Mondaze.  Anyhow, they're great people.  I'm looking forward to a little jammage with DJ Teelynn again.  

This show looks like a lot of fun- Tonight In San Diego.  I like the format and from what I've seen so far, it's pretty funny.  I'm curious to learn more about this show while I'm there.  

Here's an episode as an example:

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