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  • Aug 1

    Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe

    La Jolla


Terry Matsuoka

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I have a couple of shows coming up! I recommend coming to both.
The full band sound with Chad Tuthill and Rodney Jones, will be happening April 22 at Bella Vista at 5:30pm.

Terry Matsuoka acoustic with looping pedal will be happening at this event taking place Monday, May 2 at URBN in North Park sometime after 5pm. By the way, am a big fan of their mashed potato pizza and beer selection... all the more reason to come. Art from Thumbprint Gallery

GigTown is this cool App that was created in San Diego.  It's a great way to discover who is playing live music in town.  They also help musicians like myself and venues book shows.  

A really great thing they are doing right now to get the word out about GigTown is that they giving the musicians $5 each time you come to our gig and check in!  So the musicians can get a $5 "tip" for getting you guys on board with GigTown and playing live!  It helps GigTown get their name out, it helps the musicians get paid and out playing and it helps you all to find the music you want to go check out.  

So for our upcoming shows, please 'Check In'!


Friday, May 13th, 2016

Terry Matsuoka and the Cornbread - 5:30-7:30pm

 Join us for Happy Hour (until 7pm)!  The band in electric form will be playing- Terry Matsuoka (vocals, guitar), Rodney Jones (drums) and Chad Tuthill (bass).  Catherine Nguyen will join us on vocals for a few songs too!

Spend a warm day after work with a glass of wine or craft brew.

2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Dr
La Jolla, CA 92037

Hey All!  

The Japan Society has given the Crunchy Peeps a discount to attend the Beer and Sake Festival this year.  

All of the top shelf beer and sake that you can drink for ... $22!!!  What?!

Please use the below link OR discount code: 
Here is the facebook page where the information regarding the event can be shared and found:https://www.facebook.com/events/147707968946473/ 
This is the homepage where the application, rules, and other information about a cosplay competition can be found, haha: http://www.japan-society.org/on-sale-now/
June 3, Friday
Harrahs Resort Southern California
777 Harrah's Rincon Way
Valley Center, CA 92082

I'm going to play at the outdoor market on El Cajon Blvd in North Park.  It sounds like an awesome event.  Just look at all the cool stuff going on:


I didn't realize it until just now, but the San Diego Troubadour ran a review of my latest album "Handmade".  I'm sorry I missed it in print.  Well, here it is in it's entirety:


terry matsuoka


“First of all, we exceeded our goal on Kickstarter! We raised over $4000 for the release of my new album Handmade. This is going to allow me to be able to give my new music a proper push into the world,” wrote Terry Matsuoka on his website, back in October 2013.

Immediately upon opening the plastic wrap, the touch of the card-stock utilized on the CD cover felt soft and silky, which accentuated the hand-drawn meld of a flower and a crane centered on the front. The lyrics of all 12 songs are inscribed on one of the eight panels as the quad-fold cover is unfurled, reminiscent of the lyrics on the LP record sleeves used back in the day which prevented our vinyl from getting scratched...


I will play with my band electric-stylee at Bella Vista Caffe February 5 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Please come join us!

Terry Matsuoka on vocals and electric guitar, Chad Tuthill on bass and Rodney Jones on the drums.  We will be playing electric, so it'll be a little more funky and raucous than my acoustic shows.  Catherine Nguyen will join on vocals and ukulele for a few songs- most notably, she'll be singing lead on my song "With (Him) Her Too".  

We'll be playing on the patio, which is super beautiful and relaxing for the Happy Hour time we'll be playing.  Bella Vista has many quality beers, wines and teas available.  Unwind and be soak in the tunes.


Some friends of mine asked if country music star Tomi Fujikawa could borrow my guitar for a couple of TV appearances and at her documentary film opening at the San Diego Asian Film Festival.  Normally I don't feel comfortable with people taking or playing my guitar, but I agreed.  It was a special occasion.  Here it is in action!

Last minute show- The Terry Matsuoka Electric Duo at The Ken Club tonight with the Slants!  We go on first at 8pm.


Last Friday!  Talent Heavy- Evan Bethany, Saba, Chad Tuthill, Catherine Nguyen and Terry Matsuoka!

This is the last Friday of my series at Piazza Carmel!  It's an extremely talent heavy last show.  My friend Evan Bethany will be playing from 7-8pm.  If you like singers like Cat Power and Rachel Yamagata, I think that you will probably like Evan's music.  She is having another great San Diego songwriter Saba join her to sing.  

In addition to that, Chad Tuthill will be joining me on bass from 6-7pm.  Catherine Nguyen will also join me on vocals somewhere between 5-7pm.  I'm very excited to end my residency for the fall at Piazza Carmel in such a manner.  Please come join us.


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