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Terry Matsuoka

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My show at Piazza Carmel this Friday will start with me playing a set from 5-7pm.  From 7pm, Kenny Eng (www.kennyeng.com) will join us for a rousing solo set.  Catherine Nguyen will also join me onstage for some singing.  It'll be a great night. 

More information on the Calendar page.


Starting this Friday, I'll be playing at Piazza Carmel (5-8pm) every week for 6 weeks!  I am inviting some of my talented friends to join me.  Here's what I have planned so far:

September 25- Terry Matsuoka

October 2- Terry Matsuoka, Catherine Nguyen and Kenny Eng (solo set)

October 9- Terry Matsuoka, Catherine Nguyen and Chad Tuthill and Rodney Jones

October 16- Terry Matsuoka, Catherine Nguyen and Chad Tuthill

October 23- Terry Matsuoka, Catherine Nguyen (solo set) and Chad Tuthill

October 30- Terry Matsuoka, Catherine Nguyen, Chad Tuthill and Evan Bethany (solo set)

There will also be guest appearances by Lindsey Yung!

Piazza Carmel

3810 Valley Centre Drive

San Diego, CA 92130

right off of the 56 near the 5.

My friend David Chien shared this very interesting article on how streaming music royalties are being distributed with me. It's long by very eye opening. The silent protest for September is to play indie artists 24/7 at a very low volume. If you need any indie artists to play, keep me in mind!

Streaming Music is Ripping You Off- Cutepoint


I'm the pre-show entertainment before an outdoor screening of Disney's "Frozen" at Piazza Carmel.  It's a shopping plaza right off of the 56 near the 5.  I'll start playing around 6:15pm.  The screening will begin once it gets dark... and no, I won't be doing a cover of "Let It Go".  Bring the kids and make a night out of it.  There's a nice Thai restaurant across the way.

Look to your left.  I've added some new dates!

My DSLR series has new dates for 3 Wednesdays- October 14, 21 and 28.  If you have a DLSR camera that you don't know how to use… this class is for you!

Then I have a Happy Hour acoustic performance at Bella Vista Caffe and Social Club across from UCSD July 10.  I'm sure that the weather will be beautiful, so i'll be out on the patio performing.  Enjoy the weather and a glass of wine or cold beer after work.



My buddy Dave sent me these pictures of us from Bella Vista Caffe post show.  We talked about Sleestacks (sp?) and other random 80's greats.  

Dave and I

I have just added a show at Tio Chino!  I'll be playing at this restaurant and bar June 17 from 7:30-9:30pm.  At the moment I'm excited about it because I love their logo!  Daruma!Tio Chino

In particular, I can vouch for Wowow Waffles, Green Flash Brewery and Ballast Point as vendors that I enjoy thoroughly and will be partaking in.  See you there.

My show tonight at Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe will still be going down despite the rain.  I often play the patio area, but on days like these, I will play indoors.  I'll be playing from 5:30-7:30pm.  Catherine Nguyen will be joining me for a few songs.  Happy Hour goes on until 7pm.


I'll be playing this art opening at 7pm.  Art and Music!

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