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I'm relieved that we were able to work out a great location for the Bay Area CD Release Party.  Years ago I tried to book a show here as well.  It's nice to get to play there.  The Hotel Utah Saloon has been it's location for over 100 years.  I love this blurb on their website about the Hotel Utah's sketchy past- "Gamblers, thieves, ladies up to no good, politicians, hustlers, friends of opium, goldseekers, godseekers, charlatans, police, fancy miscreants — they all visited The Utah".

Anyhow, it's all set- February 8, 2014.  The Hotel Utah Saloon in San Francisco, CA.  

local San Franciscan Cynthia Lin will be joining Catherine Nguyen and I as the headliner!

The date and venue has been set for the San Diego CD Release Party.  It will be January 18th at Lestat's West!  This is my favorite acoustic venue.  The atmosphere is very intimate.  It is candle lit with nice lighting on the stage.  The sound man Louis Brazer is very good.  As far as the experience goes for both performer and concert-goer, you can't beat it. 

Thank you so much everyone!  We surpassed the goal!

The recordings have been mastered with Golden Mastering in Ventura, California.  I love the way it sounds.  They've taken out some extraneous noise and leveled everything out.  It's clear but warm.

Joseph Naval and I have been working on the promotional materials and design of the CD package.  The t-shirt designs are all done as of today.  One is my crane drawing on a white t-shirt for men and women.  Another design is a graphic rendition of my crane done by Joseph Naval.  It has this really contemporary triangle thing going on too.  It's pretty rad.  That one will be available on white for men and on a lavender tank for women.  I'll be sending out a survey to anyone who contributed at the $50 or more for their choice of design and size.  

For everyone else, I'll be sending that survey out to get the address you'd like your CD, etc. sent to.  

I'm excited to make cool stuff for you guys.

Thanks again,


First of all, we exceeded our goal on Kickstarter!  We raised over $4000 for the release of my new album- "Handmade".  This is going to allow me to be able to give my new music a proper push into the world.

As a result, I have already sent my recordings to Golden Mastering for mastering.  Crunchy Sandwich graphic designer extraordinaire is designing t-shirts and the CD package.  

Lastly, I have secured a date and location for the official San Diego CD release party.  It will be held January 18th at Lestats!

I'd like to give a big thanks to everyone that contributed to the Kickstarter.  You're help is bringing my music to the world!

I am so grateful to everyone that helped me reach my goal!  Any new contribution is a very tasty gravy and is still very much appreciated.  

I am so happy to have the support of everyone that supports my creative endeavors.  Doing music and art independently can be discouraging at times.  Playing in bars where it seems like no one is listening to you and going to your shows with little attendance sometimes.  

Creating my music and art is very much a part of who I am and what I do.  Thank you for being an active audience to share my art with.  


We're half the way through the Kickstarter campaign and we have just 50% of the funds raised!  Please help me to reach my goal to get the rest.  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1565490622/handmade-the-new-album-by-terry-matsuoka/

The new album must come out!

Share this link with everyone you know and contribute whatever fits into your budget.  Everything helps!  

Thank you all for your support.  A few days in, we are at 18% of the funds raised.  We still have a long way to go though.  I was feeling really nervous for a day when I had only a couple of contributors.  

This image above is the cover image for my new album "Handmade".  It is a handmade drawing that I did.  I wanted to make a "handmade" drawing of a "handmade" object.  This image is a symbol of beauty and hope and represents my Japanese ancestry as well.  

The Kickstarter Campaign for "Handmade" my new album!

I'll be customizing shoes for Toms at the Nordstrom in Escondido.  I'll be there from 12pm to 4pm drawing and painting away.  They have Toms available to purchase from about $40 and up.  And the artists will customize your shoes for free.  They don't let us draw and paint on any shoes that you have previously purchased.  They must be purchased that day.  They ask that the artists finish a pair of shoes every 20 minutes.  So the designs can't be that elaborate.


I just officially launched the Kickstarter for my new album "Handmade".  For those of you that are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it's part of a new phenomena called crowd funding.  It's a way for artists and entrepreneurs to fund projects and inventions without going to the banks.  If people are behind the project or are into rewards the entity is offering, people contribute to their cause.  

Please help me fund my album and contribute at any level you feel comfortable with ($1 gets you a virtual high five!).  I think i've offered some other cool rewards as well (including an advance copy of my new album!).  

Please watch my Kickstarter video above and a new live video done by Mosaic Sound Recordings.  Please spread the word about my Kickstarter and my new album!  i'd really appreciate it.  



I just submitted my CD project to Kickstarter to be reviewed.  I'm really excited about it.  One, because i've never launched a Kickstarter project and two, it's a huge step in getting my album out.  I'm hoping for support from the public.  That's always a little scary.  I hope it goes well!

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