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I don't know all of the details yet.  But I'll be playing a show at a salon in Piazza Carmel in Carmel Valley, San Diego.  I'll be playing from 5-7pm this Friday April 26.  Usually the events at this shopping center are very kid-friendly and nice.  3810 Valley Centre Dr  San Diego, CA 92130

One of my students hired me to draw on a pair of Toms for his sister.  The design to the left is some kind of design derived from Israel.  I thought it was pretty cool.  

Today is Earth Day.  I try to reduce waste and recycle whenever I can.  But here are a few easy things I try to do in addition to that, that you can try out:

1.  Carry a handkerchief.  I picked this up from my time living in Japan.  It's really difficult to find paper towels in any public bathroom in Japan.  That's because everyone carries a handkerchief around with them to dry their hands after washing.  I keep one in my back pocket.

2.  Print on the backside of paper.  I teach art as my day job.  We have a daily bulletin that go up in class.  In life I come across so many pieces of paper that have a clean backside.  I just collect them at my desk and insert them into my printer upside down.  I print out these daily bulletins and other non-important documents on them.  

3.  Carry a pair of chopsticks.  This is a new thing I'm trying out.  When going out to eat at Asian food restaurants i've come to realize how many disposable chopsticks I go through.  I'm trying to cut down on that by bringing my own chopsticks.  Go to the bathroom after and wash them off.  You can also use the chopsticks as a stirrer in place of the disposable wooden stirrers at the coffeehouse.  At Japanese stores you can find a pair of chopsticks with their own little carrying case.  You can keep a pair in your car, backpack or purse.

Our resources are limited and I want to live in a eco-friendly environment.  Let's do our part whenever we can.


Come out to this fundraiser!  I'll be playing tunes all night.

I'll be drawing and painting customizing people's shoes at Nordstrom in Cerritos from 1-4pm, Saturday March 23.  

If you buy a pair of Toms there, you can get whatever you want painted on them.  You can check out some shoes I did for people on the above link- Art:Custom Shoes.


The Toms Style Your Sold event at Nordstrom Fashion Valley was a good time.  

Early on I had a request from a woman to paint her dog on her Toms.  She sent me a picture of her and I went to work.  She was pleased with my portrait and a girl saw her finished product and asked me to do her dog.  

Here's a Shitzu named Princess.

I recently signed up for Toms Ticket To Give.  You know how Toms does the One For One thing?  -where for every pair of Toms that you buy, they donate a pair to an underprivileged child in a third world country?  Well, Toms Ticket To Give is a contest where you can win to be one of 50 people that get to go on a trip to give those shoes out.  

I want to experience firsthand the good work that Toms does in giving.  

Please vote for singer Catherine and I!  We'd appreciate it.  You can sign in with your Gmail or Facebook login.  It's pretty easy.  

If you could share with your friends that would be even better.  To win, I think I really need to spread the word.



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