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Excerpts of this post were previously posted last year, but I wanted to bring it back for people to read if they're interested in the origins of the artwork that I used for Remade.

Some of these drawings were made as rewards for fans that donated to my Kickstarter campaign for the original album "Handmade".  Here are the donors that inspired the artwork on here and what they asked me to draw:

Pon Khampunbuan- a self-portrait in green.  So that has become the back of the album

Cheryl Cayabyab- her prompt for me was- something from the past, present and future of myself.  That is the drawing of my Yamaha steel string acoustic guitar on the inside.  In the original, there's also a poster on the wall about an upcoming show.  My dad gave me this guitar as a youth.  I still use it to this day.

Trevor Bruford- he left it completely up to me what I wanted to make.  I call this one "The Sample".  Here, someone is cutting up music from a long time ago to construct it into something new.  I thought this was the perfect fit for this album.  This is also on the inside cover.

The other components:

Joseph Naval- I asked him to make a graphic representation of the crane drawing that I did for the cover of "Handmade".  I wanted to use that graphic for a t-shirt that was an additional reward for the Kickstarter campaign for "Handmade".  So the left side of the cover for "Remade" is Joe's design.  I have my original drawing blending into his graphic rendering.  It's meant to symbolize the remix or renewal of the older.   

Misawa Masanori (Like This Parade)- Originally, I had asked for Misawa's opinion on what the artwork should be like.  He suggested a drawing of a Wurlitzer electric piano to symbolize his contribution and my acoustic guitar to represent mine.  So I drew the Wurlitzer that is in the inside of the package.  I just couldn't make the Wurlitzer and guitar work for the cover.  

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