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  • Apr 4

    Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe

    La Jolla


Terry Matsuoka

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I will play with my band electric-stylee at Bella Vista Caffe, Friday February 5, from 5:30-7:30pm.  Please come join us!

Terry Matsuoka on vocals and electric guitar, Chad Tuthill on bass and Rodney Jones on the drums.  We will be playing electric, so it'll be a little more funky and raucous than my acoustic shows.  Catherine Nguyen will join on vocals and ukulele for a few songs- most notably, she'll be singing lead on my song "With (Him) Her Too".  

We'll be playing on the patio, which is super beautiful and relaxing for the Happy Hour time we'll be playing.  Bella Vista has many quality beers, wines and teas available.  Unwind and be soak in the tunes.

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