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I had been on the hunt for a 2x12" guitar speaker cabinet for years.  I'm surprised how there aren't more 2x12's out there.  For those of you not hip to the guitar amplifier world, the 4x12" guitar speaker cabinet is the popular format.  That means there are 4- 12 inch speakers arranged in wooden speaker cabinet.  It looks cool, but it's big and heavy.  I had one of these for years, but I just found that I didn't need the 4 speakers.  I sold it hoping to find a used vintage speaker cabinet that would be a good match for my Marshall JCM 900 guitar amplifier head unit.  It was at least a 10 year search.

Finally I found this awesome Vox 2x12" speaker cabinet at a store in San Jose, CA called Starving Musician.  That place is my favorite music store now.  I had been playing my guitar through my cousin Darrel's Fender Twin amplifier for the last several years (thanks Darrel!) but for my at least my next few gigs, I'll be playing with my old Marshall amp and my new Vox speaker cabinet!  Please come out soon to hear and see it.

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